5 Vital Features of an E-commerce Website This 2020

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Blog

Many businesses thrive through e-commerce these days. A business can stand in the digital realm alone without a physical store. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar companies are encouraged to have websites to get ahead of the competition. However, having a website is not enough for a business. It has to be updated regularly and redesigned from time to time to keep up with the changes in algorithms, consumer behavior, and business landscape.

If you have an e-commerce website, there are a few vital features you must integrate this 2020. Here are some of the key elements of an e-commerce web design:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you haven’t implemented SEO on your e-commerce website by now, you are way out of the league. That is exactly the reason you aren’t making enough profit as an e-commerce business and not getting ahead of the competition. Know that SEO aims to put your website on the top ranking of the search engines. Staying on top means driving traffic to your website. The more customers visit your site, the higher the chance to get more sales.

2. Mobile-friendly feature

Most consumers nowadays heavily rely on the use of their mobile devices when searching for information, products, or services online. In fact, studies show that 49 percent of the website traffic comes from mobile devices, while 9 percent of consumers shop on their mobile phones. What does that imply? That means that you have to optimize your e-commerce website for mobile devices. Responsive web design is the key to ensure your site remains highly functional and visually appealing, no matter what device is used.

3. Content management

It’s vital for your e-commerce website to have a content management system (CMS) set in place. CMS helps you to organize and manage the content on your site in a well-structured manner and allows you to publish and post content efficiently through the use of handy tools. Using a CMS also helps you ease the process of sorting digital content. For instance, CMS assists you in managing your product catalogs that will make it easier for your users to shop around.

4. Order management system

Apart from content management, you also need to have a robust management system. Having this is all the more crucial if you have a bulk of products being offered and a high volume of orders consistently. This tool helps you streamline the process of placing, sorting, processing, and shipping orders. You want the order processes to run as smoothly as possible. That way, your customers will get their orders on time and be satisfied with your service.

5. Various payment options

It will make a huge difference as well if your e-commerce website offers multiple payment options. Nothing can be more frustrating than customers putting items in their carts, only to withdraw the transactions later on because your site doesn’t allow a particular payment method. You’ll lose a big chunk of customers if you don’t update your website with various payment options.

6. Security

Security is a top priority for e-commerce businesses. Customers will be more confident in conducting various transactions with you if they know that your site is secured. As much as possible, they don’t want to compromise their data and information, particularly bank information. That said, assure them that you foster the utmost security of your site and the protection of all data and information.


Your e-commerce website doesn’t only intend to sell your products and services—it promotes your brand. If you want to improve your site and boost your sales, then consider the six valuable features outlined above—from SEO to content management to security. If your e-commerce website has been struggling for years, it’s about time to improve and take it to the next level this year.

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