Need to redesign your website? 5 Reasons You Just Might

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Blog

Do you need to redesign your website? A lot of business owners think once they get a website designed and put online they are done. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You need to make sure your website stays up to date with the latest trends in design as well as looks good on mobile devices. If your website is older than a year your more likely need to redesign your website! How do you know if you need to redesign your website? Lets do a quick test. Pull out your phone and goto your website.  What do you see?  If you see a website designed for desktop devices that features small text that users have to pinch and zoom to be able to read. This makes it hard to navigate and not friendly for people to use on mobile devices. This is the #1 reason your website needs redesigned! Read below for more details and 4 other reasons your website needs a facelift!

Your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices.

 You can test this by going to your website using your mobile phone. If your mobile site isn’t optimized for those devices people are not going to use it. They are just going to click away and go elsewhere. Mobile devices make up more than 60% of online web traffic and its growing daily! Read more about why Mobile Website are Undeniably Important. You will need to redesign your website to be compatible with mobile devices.

Need to redesign your website? 5 Reasons You Just Might 1

Your website hasn’t evolved with your business

It has outdated information and doesn’t reflect your products and services your current business has. It’s important to keep your website up to date not only with design but also information. More than likely your business has grown and your going to need to redesign your website to keep up with your growing business.

Your Website Looks Old and Outdated

The style of web design has changed a lot over the years and visitors are accustomed to the new look and feel of the web. You need an updated design that engages customers quickly and provides enough information but not too much to overwhelm them. We’re constantly updating and redesigning our website to better serve our users.

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We will help you update your website to ensure you engage your visitors with the right content. 

Your website is Invisible to Search Engines. 

The best way to test this to go to your favorite search engine and search for your services/products your business provides. Also, try searching for your company name. Does your website show up? If not your site needs a redesign to be more SEO friendly. Search engines constantly update how they rank sites for results. You have to stay on top of things if you want to keep high rankings. It’s important to understand the value of SEO and how it integrates into the design/development of your website. Read more about why SEO is important to webdevelopment. You need to make sure your website is friendly users #1 and also friendly to the search engines.

Your website no longer brings value to visitors.

 You spend money on marketing to bring that customer to your website but what are you doing to make them stay? If visitors don’t find helpful or valuable content they will likely not return to your site. You need to present your products and services with the latest information and provide other customer focused content so they are more likely to return to your site. Example of this type of content is blogs, exclusive content, videos, ect.

If any of the above things apply to you it means you need a website makeover! We can help you with this Get a Quote Today and let us get started on bringing your website back to life!