4 Web Design Practices To Avoid in 2020

by | Apr 4, 2020 | Blog

Part of excellent web design is to stay clear from corrupt practices that ruin your website’s functionality and ease of usage. For experienced web design services, that might be an easy feat. However, for those who are just starting, they may have insufficient knowledge on effective web design practices. 

To help first-timers, here are four web designs that are unprofitable for business:

1. Poor In-Site Search Engine

Users don’t want to waste their time with an in-site search engine that only scans your site for quotes of the search query. Not everyone might know the correct spelling, and sometimes people are prone to typos. Because of this, visitors might get annoyed that after several searches when they still can’t find what they’re looking for. Their next plausible action would be to find a different website with a better in-site search engine. 

Simple search boxes that are easy to spot are also a massive plus in a visitor’s checklist. Remember to keep it simple so that users can search for content within your site without any hassle. If you are unable to do this, they won’t stay on your site for long. 

2. PDF Files as Content

Reading on a PDF file is annoying. Aside from breaking your browsing flow, it is also tricky to navigate since it’s only scrolling up and down the document. Users prefer standard browser commands to be easily accessible, and PDF files don’t give that option to them. 

If your content is not meant to be printed or distributed, it is best to keep it inside your web page and not as a separate PDF file. Your visitors are more likely to navigate through your site when you do so. 


3. Visited Links with Unchanged Color

People appreciate it when websites incorporate a color-changing font in visited links. In doing so, visitors are aware of the past websites they visited. Otherwise, visitors are more likely to get annoyed if they revisit the same webpage for an unaccounted number of times. 

Similarly, they might want to revisit a link they found helpful. If the link’s color changes, it is easier to locate, which tremendously makes your visitor happy. Remember that a consistent link color of a visited link contributes to navigational disorientation, which most of the time confuses your users. 

4. Fixed Font Size

Sometimes, visitors who are older may need to resize the font so that they consume your content. With unchanged font size site set-up, however, they are unable to do that. If they can’t read your content, they’re more likely to leave your site without performing any call-to-actions.


A solid website design needs to have an excellent search engine, non-existent PDF file content, links with changing font colors, and resizable fonts. Aside from the discussed web designs that are unprofitable, there are also other aspects that you should consider — avoid low search engine visibility titles or any content that looks like an advertisement. Reliable web design services can help you create a site with superb performance, so you can avoid costly mistakes that reduce your site’s effectiveness. 

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